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The Story

My story starts when I was little, I always wanted to start my own brand. One that reflected my ideas and my DNA. My fear of pursuing a career in a place where the fashion market was not that strong started my studies in accounting in Puerto Rico. But when I decided to go to the United States, I couldn't finish those studies. It wasn't until several years later that I started and finished my studies but in a different field which was Business Intelligence. But before graduating I had started my business for the year 2019 but right at the beginning of the pandemic, I had to close without being able to present my collection at Orlando Fashion Week.
This was a risky attempt but I learned from my mistakes. Having completed my studies in business intelligence, I realized that small steps and well-organized and well-thought-out work. That's why in this year 2022 I will try again.

 Orbaez seeks to represent the heritage of where I was born, a very tropical experience, party, and joy. In addition, the brand wants to convey a design rich in details and fresh.



She is a person who seeks to convey relaxation, joy, a very summery air, but at the same time she loves parties.


Eric Ortiz Baez

He grew up and was born on the island of Puerto Rico, since he was a child he has had a great interest in art and fashion. Today that love for fashion has led him to dream of creating a brand that represents the idea of eternal summer. That is his slogan that translates into the DNA of his creator and of the brand itself. Based in the city of Orlando, the magical town of Disney, he wants to conquer the minds of his clients with the magic of summer.

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